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About the Ministry

The Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds is in charge of the administrative and other issues related to:
  • planning and implementing the regional development policy and the establishment of an integrated system for planning, programming, management and financing of regional development
  • coordination between the participants and coordinating the activities of planning, programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the annual and perennial regional development programmes and projects aimed at developing counties and the wider regions, encouraging development of areas lagging behind the national average, improving cross-border, interregional and transnational cooperation, as well as the preparation of priorities and annual and perennial strategic and operational documents for the use of EU funds and other international sources of funding for regional development initiatives  
  • proposing amendments to the regional development management system
  • recommending and coordinating the implementation of State incentives and regional development programmes/projects, monitoring their implementation and evaluating their effectiveness
  • coordination and management of interdepartmental working groups concerning the regional development and coordination of all activities for harmonization with EU in the field of regional policy and structural instruments management 
  • coordination of activities necessary to ensure effective coordination with the units of local/ regional self-government and with other stakeholders in drafting, organization and implementation of regional development programmes and projects  
  • preparation of strategic documents regulating the national development objectives, setting up the priorities for the use of financial resources from EU funds and monitoring the implementation of measures and activities set out in such strategic documents; coordinating activities related to management of the EU programmes which are available for Croatia, cooperation with EU institutions, bodies and member states within jurisdiction scope of the Ministry 
  • sustainable development of the Adriatic Sea, islands and coastal areas; development policy proposals and establishment of an integral system of planning, programming, management and financing development of islands and coastal areas; planning, drafting and implementation of strategic documents and projects for the development of transport, utility and social infrastructure on the islands and in the coastal areas; commencement, coordination and supervision of activities pursuant to legislation that regulates the development of islands and coastal areas
  • providing return assistance and housing care to refugees, displaced persons and returnees, reconstruction of housing units, dwellings, infrastructure facilities, public facilities and all other buildings that were damaged or destroyed in the homeland war, but are of importance for the development of war-destroyed areas
  • administrative and other affairs related to participation in the work of the Bodies of the European Union in the light of issues which fall under the jurisdiction of this Ministry
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